Sunday, April 8, 2012

life lately, according to my phone.

as usual, i have a smattering of images on my phone that were not big enough events in & of themselves to justify a whole blog now i'm going to group them all together in one big post. starting? now:

chocolate donuts & milk: one of the many treats we gobbled down last weekend in our pj's while listening to the leaders of our church speak.

 i spotted this umbrella vest in a thrift store window one night & proclaimed to husband how sad i was that it would probably be gone if i ever tried to go back & buy it, because it was just so adorable sitting there in that window that surely someone would snap it up...& husband brought it home the very next day. who'd have thought, right?:

oatmeal, soy milk, almond butter, apples, & brown sugar for dinner:

& vanilla bean ice cream with blackberries for dessert:

spotted these book covers the other day at our local favorite bookstore-on-the-corner & fell in love. these simple images speak volumes, don't they? VOLUMES:

my little gift i brought to a baby shower (three little children's books, including curious george...a classic!)

raspberry cheesecake at junior's with definitely lives up to its hype! every bite was heaven:

& in closing, this sign in a store window:

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  1. I'm a big fan of brown paper wrapping, and your oatmeal concoction for dinner sounds so good right now.



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