Sunday, April 22, 2012


well folks, friday night was the night of my big chinese test...
i know, i know. a test on a friday night?! at least it's all over
& done with for now, although i think my head still hurts. 
oh well...after the test, husband & i headed 
over a japanese/thai fusion restaurant to celebrate a bit.
this was our second time eating at this place & we're 
starting to really just love it, dang it!

mood lighting 101:

we loved our teensy soy sauce-pot:

beef curry for me, sweet & sour chicken & pineapple for ben.
there was definitely some cross-plate sharing on this one:

conclusion? asian people. i love 'em.
they make great food...
but maybe not great tests. so it was, & so it
shall be. amen.

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