Thursday, May 31, 2012

from here to the moon & back.

husband & i are going our separate ways...
just for a few days. :)

this guy has been in ontario since tuesday...

(i've got this unspoken rule going that i allow husband to see me on video chat
ONLY after i've done some sort of exercise that will make me
incredibly sweaty, splotchy, red-faced, & just overall disheveled-looking.
it's, you know, a pretty good system that we've got going so far.)

...while his little miss will be heading back to seattle tomorrow.

six plus hours on a plane tomorrow?...yep.

Monday, May 28, 2012

happy memorial day!

how was your memorial day?
we both worked in the morning (BOO, especially when it meant
turning down an invite to long beach. seriously, BOO) but found 
 some time in the evening to pick up some burgers (or 
"hammies," as we like to call them in my family), the hugest
cupcakes alive (no pictures of that. my bad.) & hunker down for
some serious downton abbey marathon-ing in front of a seriously
large, cool fan. we're in the middle of season two & completely 
obsessed! ...& seriously melting in this heat. my look these days?
sweaty hair, little to no makeup, & my feet facing opposite the directions
they should be facing...i know it's hard, but try not to be jealous.

hope your long, long weekend was grand!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

nyc to do: roosevelt island.

yesterday was a muggy, humid, overcast day, & ben & i found ourselves
with some glorious free time in the afternoon. we decided to go exploring
& have a little adventure on roosevelt island. roosevelt island is right off
the coast of the upper east side & has quite an, uh, interesting past.

for most of its recent history, this tiny, tiny island has
been home to prisons, various insane asylums (which have
been burned down & rebuilt again several times - slightly creepy!)
 hospitals, & other morbid delights. now it serves as a quiet
haven away(ISH) from new york city....& we absolutely LOVED
it! we had a glorious walk around the entire
island, & there were at least 20 yards of green grass, which we
hardly ever see in the city. :) it was just a cute, quaint little
place, & so calming to get away from the noise of the city, even
if it was just across the river. we're totally planning on going back
for picnics, jogs, & bike rides. one of the best parts? taking the
sky tram over there - we had some absolutely amazing views!

vote for roosevelt island! it IS election year, after all.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

friday date night: GOODBURGER.

guess what was free as free can be this evening??
...our schedules, that's what (i wish i could say
"our monthly rent" or something like that. *sigh*).
& you know what thaaaatt meannnnns
(said in increasingly higher & higher pitched 
sing-songy voice): DATE NIGHT.
 tonight we headed down to goodburger 
(i actually tried it for the first time a few weeks 
ago & couldn't wait to bring that hamburger 
loving lover of mine back). the verdict?
so, so good. ben & i agreed goodburger 
might be better than shake shack & even
gives the beloved five guys a run for its money.

1. husband + bovine perfection = perfection.

2. husband + NASA = true story/story of our lives.

3. current reading.

4. TOO HOT FOR PANTS really. the weather was way too hot
for pants today. i had been out of the house five
minutes & was already wishing for some shorts...& yet scattered
thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of this weekend?!
let's not talk about it.

5. thank GOSH this sign above was true (see #4 for context).

6. hamburger loving lover in his hamburger loving element.

7. ah, goodburger. fortunately, you live up to your name.

have a wonderful night!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

husband living on the edge: part i.

ben & i have come to notice funny & interesting things about each other as we do the whole married/roommate/living together thing. i'm sure lots of you know what i'm talking about. heck, i've even devoted whole blog posts to this truth in the past.

recently, an entirely new little factoid about husband has popped  up that i simply CANNOT believe i haven't shared before. ben...wait for it...leaves things on edges.

you heard that right, folks. a lot of times he'll be using something, & then when he's done...he leaves it on the edge. i'm the type who will place things comfortably on a surface so nothing will tip or fall or even come close to doing so.  but let's just say husband does things a little differently...! 

i have official evidence below. these photos have not been tampered with in any way. behold the edginess!:

are you catching the vision? isn't it just a riot?! i showed ben these pictures, & asked him whether or not he realizes that he leaves things on edges & he said, & i quote, "i don't really think anything in any of these pictures is in any danger of tipping over!"...oh man, guys. married life with ben just got even better. stay tuned for more pictures in the future of just how much we live on the edge here at the frandsen house.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

pretty things.

just a few pretty images for your wednesday night.

picnicking with these friends (the basketball
shorts & that onezie! could anything be cuter?):

& a trip to the flower store, 
brought to you by instagram:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

images from the weekend

we have been loving the gorgeous weather lately. 
it's at that perfect moment when it's not too hot yet,
not unbearably humid, & there's a real pleasant 
breeze going 'round. plenty of time to hit up junior's 
for cheesecake & milkshakes with friends: 

which one is ben, & which one is just a random guy
at the subway station?!? perhaps we'll never know:

post-church shenanigans:

homeboy SO serious on the sunday walk:

therrrrre's a smile:

good sabbath, good sabbath!

Friday, May 18, 2012

one does not simply walk into mordor.

the weekend is here! & we might just end up spending it 
watching a few lord of the rings movies here & there. 
whenever i watch one i can't help but get really into it, so
then when it's over i really want to watch the next one &
find out what happens, dang it! we watched the first one
last night & i'm like, "are they gonna find merry & pippin
after they got carried off by the uruk-hai?! frodo &
samwise are still so far away from mordor! gandalf
just died!" so. a hoot & holler at the frandsen house
this  weekend guaranteed.

isn't the bike brooch great?
much thanks to rachel for hearing it call my name :) 

in other news, speaking of lord of the rings...

have a great weekend!


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