Thursday, May 17, 2012


we really did have the jolliest anniversary day. like so
many other holidays around here, we had made an iron-
clad agreement not to get each other gifts...but then, like
clockwork, i wake up the morning of our anniversary 
to a tableful of chocolates, flowers, new shoes, & other 
gifts from that dang sneaky husband of mine! & of course 
i then felt like a bum for not getting him any gifts, which
is ironic, because it was me who had followed the rules
of our deal. husband kept our dinner that evening a bit 
of a surprise, which always keeps the romance alive. 
we ended up going to cafe du soleil, a little french 
place, in honor of our travels to europe this summer. 

taxi-ing in the rain:

apparently if you tell cafe du soleil it's your wedding anniversary, they'll
set out a little basket of flowers! which i went so far as to smell before
i found out they were fake...good thing this wasn't a first date, because,
how embarrassing would that have been, am i right??

we decided to be adventurous & order escargot! it was the first
time for both of us. & was pretty good! it all (& when i say
"it all," i mean, you know, the snails) mostly just tasted chewy 
& blended really well with the bread & sauce that came with it.
oh, & sorry these pictures are so dark. but here is the escargot:

& the french onion soup:

& french fries (i swear not everything we ordered at 
the french restaurant had the word "french" in the title):

oui had a great time!

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