Tuesday, May 1, 2012


he's back.
he's back!
today sweet benjamin finally tore himself away
from germany to come home to his ever-lovin'
wife. & we seriously had the best & most joyous
reunion EVER. i am soooo happy homeboy's home.
& we finally got to venture out into the [really bright]
sunshine for a few snapshots!...that are overexposed
like cray cray. sorry for the blindness, everyone.

two seconds after a pigeon flew, LITERALLY, right 
over my head. i am not kidding. those birds are psychotic:

here he issssssss in all his white glory!
(no racial specification intended):

sorry people. i'll check all that lighting stuff on my camera before
taking the pictures next time. hopefully the brightness of these 
didn't do any permanent damage to your poor eyes! but more
importantly than that...HE'S BACK!

1 comment:

  1. Just found your blog by way of "NYC Taught Me" and absolutely loooove it! Glad your homeboy is back, haha :) Can't wait to read more!



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