Tuesday, May 8, 2012

back to the drawing board.

as someone who's been writing lots & lots of papers 
for school for a good long while now, i guess i'm pretty
used to having my writing torn apart & professors 
being really blunt in telling it like it is.

...but that doesn't mean i can't share my stories for a good laugh!
yesterday i sent an intense professor of mine the first paragraph of
my paper about paradise lost to get her thoughts. her response?

"dear shayla,
this is not a good beginning at all and puts you
on several tracks you absolutely want to avoid."

ouch, right?!
ah, well. you win some you lose some.
let's hope paradise can be regained sometime soon.
looks like it's back to the drawing board!
wish me luck!


  1. Ha, wow! That was an intense response! Good luck! Btw, awesome outfit and loving the lipstick color!

  2. WHOOP-sie doodle on the paper! Ha so funny! Shoot! :( hahaha!

  3. oh my gosh i know, it was SO whoopsie doodle!

  4. oh gosh, i was always the worst at receiving feedback! good luck back at the drawing board! and you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving your style!!
    xo TJ



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