Friday, May 4, 2012

consider us avenged.

ben has been pretty excited about that avengers movie
for a while now, so what else could we do except pre-order
some tickets like crazy & make a date night out of it?

we met up in midtown after work to pick up some 
dinner to-go (& sneak it into the theater, of course! 
i didn't hear that from me...) & then
together we walked up to the theater on 66th.

my hair was all kinds of sweaty today. the
mugginess of the city has started getting
a little out of control, let me tell you what:

we arrived at the theater almost an hour early (i know,
i know! who have we become? i haven't seen a movie
within a week of its opening of the
early/middle-ish harry potter movies? & now here we are
seeing the avengers on OPENING. DAY.) & the line 
was already really long! i guess we shouldn't have been
surprised. during the wait, we did things like take fake advertisement pictures:

we heard the guy behind us in line say to his friend,
"i wish i had brought chili like that guy." that's right,
folks, tonight husband became that guy.

me with my soup that no one commented on:

this was when the line started to move:

 okay, so, you know that avengers movie?
so, so worth it. go & see it.
the characters are fun, it's 100%
clean & you find yourself getting really 
into it. the bad guys are scary & the good
guys are...complicated. :) plus it has the 
perfect balance of humor, deep thematic 
elements, explosions, fighting, & thor.

husband & i give it two thumbs WAY up.


  1. are the mint pants from Tj's ? I have them!

  2. no they aren't! surprisingly the tj's here are only so-so...the eugene one is still the best i think!

  3. Heard so many good things about the movie. We'll have to go see it sometime soon! I absolutely love your outfit you are adorable!


  4. I love your shoes! So adorable.



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