Sunday, May 6, 2012

a feist-y night.

something about me is that i LOVE feist.

her wispy, near-hoarse sounding voice is unlike any other i've ever heard, & it sends shivers up my spine. her songs are fantastic (especially from her latest album metals. gah. be still my heart) & she herself is just a delight!...i mean, i'm sure if i ever actually met her, she'd be a delight. heck, i spent most of the 90's wanting to be her!...okay, this isn't necessarily true, but don't you just LOVE that phrase "i spent most of the 90's ___(insert activity here)___"? i mean, doesn't it just flow?

...anyways, out of sheer amazing luck feist decided to play at radio city music hall last night...& since seeing feist live is a colossal dream of mine (since the 90's, of course :), it was no QUESTION that we'd go!

radio city is SUCH a gorgeous venue! we had a blast exploring it for a bit before the show. it was built in the 1930's & has that awesome, jazzy  art deco decadence feel to it that was so prevalent back then. heck, i spent most of the 90's wanting to be radio city music hall. just kidding.

p.s. timber timbre opened for feist. they had a spooky, "swampy ragged blues" feel to them,  & i'd 100% recommend giving them a listen.

taking it all in:


the sound quality was stellar! would you except anything else from a place built like this?:

& wouldn't you know it, that feist went & had herself a HUGE band. 3 drummers, 2 keyboards, backup singers, & do you see all the brass in the back row on the left & about 11 strings there in the middle & on the right? epic!

before the show: anticipatory 

after the show: exhausted/fulfilled

i just really liked how every exit sign had numbers in the middle:

after the show: exhaustion/fulfillment pt. ii 

feist was engaging, spontaneous (she jumped off the stage during this song & grabbed a bunch of people to come dance up there with her!), cute, & endearing. she was so funny & totally comfortable on stage & she. rocked. OUT. on her guitar. i could really go on for hours. her show was everything i hoped it would be & more. we decided that we could have gone all night listening to her.

for those truly die-hard, check out her set list after the jump...

below is feist's set list. i've provided links to the songs i especially love or that are just...just...powerful. seriously, every new song she'd start to play, husband & i would say to each other, "ooh, THIS is her best song!" & then she'd finish that song & start a few one & we'd say, "oh, no, actually THIS is her best song!" & the whole night went like that, basically. enjoy!

1. when i was a young girl (remix!)
3. a commotion
4. how come you never go there
5. mushaboom (remix!)
6. bittersweet melodies
7. can't remember the name...
8. my moon my man
9. i feel it all
11. anti-pioneer
14. caught a long wind
15. get it wrong, get it right

encore #1
so, SO worth listening to)
18. can't remember the name
19. sealion

encore #2
20. let it die



  2. haha yeah she was just SO great!

  3. Um, first off... what a fabulous night you had! Feist is awesome. And I definitely will check out Timber Timbre, since swampy spook sounds right up my musical alley these days.

    I'm also completely into that AMAZING exit sign! So glad your eye for detail caught that.

  4. feist rocks my world (and has been for several years!!) what an awesome concert and i'm super one ever performs in southeast alabama haha!
    i'll just have to live through your posts when it comes to amazing music and bands :) ahh and very cool pics!

  5. oh gosh, no words can express my jealousy right about now!!! feist is so very talented. and i love that she sounds even better live! great images!
    xo TJ



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