Friday, May 4, 2012

a few sites around the spider web, & a few bits of info.

1. saw that a friend had posted this on facebook & i couldn't
help but check it out. & IT IS A REVELATION, LET ME TELL YOU!
i consider my life changed & my mind completely blown.

2. the other day my boss & i were headed to a work meeting
at the oh-so-chic, oh-so exclusive soho house (you have to
fill out this big application & cross your fingers forever in the
hopes of being accepted, & if you are accepted, you have to
pay a yearly rate of almost $2,000. wow!) & who did we
happen to be in the elevator with? oh, you know, none other
than "noted fashion photographer" nigel barker!
(a judge on "america's next top model")

he was as tall, handsome, & tan as he seems to be on the show,
plus he was on his phone (how he got reception in an elevator
i'll never know) so i can prove to you once & for all that, 
yes, his british accent is REAL, people! 
i was starstruck the whole elevator ride & after all of that,
my boss didn't even recognize him. oh well!

3. how adorable is this little baby name guessing game?
i think the name "jane" has got to be in there somewhere :)

4. we are being all adventurous & hip &
going to see the avengers tonight!
look at us, going to movies on the day they open.

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