Saturday, May 26, 2012

friday date night: GOODBURGER.

guess what was free as free can be this evening??
...our schedules, that's what (i wish i could say
"our monthly rent" or something like that. *sigh*).
& you know what thaaaatt meannnnns
(said in increasingly higher & higher pitched 
sing-songy voice): DATE NIGHT.
 tonight we headed down to goodburger 
(i actually tried it for the first time a few weeks 
ago & couldn't wait to bring that hamburger 
loving lover of mine back). the verdict?
so, so good. ben & i agreed goodburger 
might be better than shake shack & even
gives the beloved five guys a run for its money.

1. husband + bovine perfection = perfection.

2. husband + NASA = true story/story of our lives.

3. current reading.

4. TOO HOT FOR PANTS really. the weather was way too hot
for pants today. i had been out of the house five
minutes & was already wishing for some shorts...& yet scattered
thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of this weekend?!
let's not talk about it.

5. thank GOSH this sign above was true (see #4 for context).

6. hamburger loving lover in his hamburger loving element.

7. ah, goodburger. fortunately, you live up to your name.

have a wonderful night!

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