Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

oh my goodness. love this amazing mother of mine.
i could not have asked for someone stronger, sassier, 
funnier, more sensible, more spiritual or more hardworking
(this list really could go on & on) for a mom. i cherish
the dear, sweet memories i have & the priceless lessons
i learned while growing up in a household with this 
warrior for a mother. & now that i live far away with
a husband of my own, i realize every day how much
she means to me, & that THIS is TOTALLY TRUE.

photo cred to alta!

photo cred to...i can't remember.

& LOTS of love of course goes out to my  mother-in-law.
i count myself incredibly lucky to have married into a family 
who is so wise, caring & welcoming.

photo cred to morgan.

husband was sweet & surprised me with a little mother's day dinner
while i took a priceless sunday nap (don't you love those?). & while
i feel like i am as much of a mother as george clooney is a republican
it was a nice gesture all the same. happy mother's day to all you
hard-working mamas, future mamas, & just awesome women in general.

happy mother's day!

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