Thursday, May 24, 2012

husband living on the edge: part i.

ben & i have come to notice funny & interesting things about each other as we do the whole married/roommate/living together thing. i'm sure lots of you know what i'm talking about. heck, i've even devoted whole blog posts to this truth in the past.

recently, an entirely new little factoid about husband has popped  up that i simply CANNOT believe i haven't shared before. ben...wait for it...leaves things on edges.

you heard that right, folks. a lot of times he'll be using something, & then when he's done...he leaves it on the edge. i'm the type who will place things comfortably on a surface so nothing will tip or fall or even come close to doing so.  but let's just say husband does things a little differently...! 

i have official evidence below. these photos have not been tampered with in any way. behold the edginess!:

are you catching the vision? isn't it just a riot?! i showed ben these pictures, & asked him whether or not he realizes that he leaves things on edges & he said, & i quote, "i don't really think anything in any of these pictures is in any danger of tipping over!"...oh man, guys. married life with ben just got even better. stay tuned for more pictures in the future of just how much we live on the edge here at the frandsen house.

1 comment:

  1. i totally live on the edge! drives my hubby batty. i also tend to put large glasses of water near his laptop, then he FREAKS out!



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