Wednesday, May 2, 2012

no-fail smoothie 100% genuine guarantee!

as the weather turns warmer, smoothies are tasting
better & better...doesn't a cold, chunky smoothie sound 
really good right about now? i grew up a big smoothie
experimenter, tossing all kinds of random stuff into a
smoothie & blending it all together to see how it turned out. 

with that in mind, over the years (here in 
my old age :) i have discovered a few
special items that always make a 
smoothie delicious. every time! make 
your favorite smoothie like normal,
& then at the end just toss in
a spoonful of any of these. you're 
guaranteed a good time!

raw honey
(keeps it sweet but not too sweet):

flaxseed (or any other small solid grain.
 it adds an amazing, crunchy little texture!):

almond butter. so smooth
(creamy peanut butter is also
ideal. sometimes i add both
butters: the almond and the peanut):

minute maid frozen orange juice. a spoonful of this
(still frozen!) will add an amazing zing to your drink:

enjoy! happy smoothie season!

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