Friday, May 18, 2012

one does not simply walk into mordor.

the weekend is here! & we might just end up spending it 
watching a few lord of the rings movies here & there. 
whenever i watch one i can't help but get really into it, so
then when it's over i really want to watch the next one &
find out what happens, dang it! we watched the first one
last night & i'm like, "are they gonna find merry & pippin
after they got carried off by the uruk-hai?! frodo &
samwise are still so far away from mordor! gandalf
just died!" so. a hoot & holler at the frandsen house
this  weekend guaranteed.

isn't the bike brooch great?
much thanks to rachel for hearing it call my name :) 

in other news, speaking of lord of the rings...

have a great weekend!

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