Monday, May 14, 2012


one year ago today! one year ago today! this happened:

this picture below was snapped right at the end of our big, blustery, it-all-was-over-way-too-fast wedding day, just as we were leaving our reception & people lined up to blow bubbles as we walked hand in hand. 

i remember exactly what was going on in my head when this picture was taken. a sense of giddiness, because the full reality of what had happened that day had not fully sunken it yet...& yet at the same time it TOTALLY HAD. as we were walking away from our reception while this picture was being taken, i felt this incredible shock of fear. we had been surrounded by people people people for days on end & then, suddenly, it was just him & me. me & him. we were leaving our reception, yes, but it was also like we were leaving behind an entire beloved chapter of our lives, only to start a completely new one together. 

that was what i was feeling as this picture was taken. fear & excitement. giddiness & loneliness. hardly any idea of the adventures that lay ahead of us, we two drifters off to see the world. & yet there was also a depth of joy i had never felt before in my life. it's like i didn't know it was possible to be that happy. him & me. me & him. every time i look at this picture, it's like the me of the picture is asking the me of today, "do you remember, shayla? do you remember how we felt this day?"

& while it has been a year since this picture was taken, the answer is YES. i completely remember how i felt that day.  happy anniversary, ben. i love you.

p.s. a big thank you to my beautiful sister-in-law rachel for this beautiful canvas print! it holds a prominent place in our homes and in our hearts (i hope that doesn't sound too cheesy?? ha)

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