Wednesday, May 16, 2012

updates from the phone-y.

updates of our lives lately, according to my little phone:

1. this is when i became so caught up in some epic reading 
for class i almost started praying to zeus (or jupiter/jove, 
as the case may be) for a few minutes there.

2. a little city college attempt at finals cheer. sigh.

3. oh my gosh, the sweetest little box from bigelow's, which is
kind of my favorite new drugstore, & one of the oldest in the city!

4. research party.............! yes? no? anyone?

5. the time we locked ourselves out of our apartment after church...

6. ...& had to wait in our lobby for a while for our doorman to arrive.

7. waiting...

8. ...& more waiting. i'm happy to announce our doorman did
finally arrive & we were, indeed, let back into our apartment.

9. husband's little breakfast heart he made 
out of fruit the morning of our anniversary.

10. benjamin & i were having a small "disagreement" earlier this week 
(happens to the best of us!...or, in our case, happens to the normal of
us :) & once when he turned around he was met with this little frowny.
we both agreed it was too priceless not to take a picture of, & like
magic the disagreement went away. isn't it funny how that happens?...

& my fluffy pink bathrobe is really comfortable, okay?!


11. oh man. this one makes me laugh. sweet benjamin was making 
scotcheroos to bring to our friends & i told him over the phone to pour
it all into a "pan." it was only when i got home from work a few
hours later that i realized i should have been a bit more descriptive. :)

12. SOMEone had a lot of fun with the caution tape!

13. chocolate ben brought home from germany: a "kuhflecken"
flavor, or "cow spots," in english.

14. or my other favorite: "dunkle voll-nuss," or 
"dark whole nuts." this one was the best.

15. just chilling with benny on campus for 
a few minutes, which is always a treat.

officially found the cutest & smallest tub of vaseline EVER.

i'll end on that jolly note.


  1. the frowny face...haha - perfect! i'll have to remember to use that for our next disagreement! Humor / laugh makes everything better :)

  2. I have never ever heard of a scotcheroo and I feel this is a crime.

  3. Oh, scotcheroos are just SO good. Peanut-buttery rice krispy treats with chocolate & butterscotch chips melted on top...they're almost sinful! :)



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