Friday, June 29, 2012

the frandsens in france-sen.

our bags are packed, we've got books galore for
the plane trip, & we're stressing over whether or
 not we'll be able to sleep on the plane & not suffer
from crazy jet-lag...yep, we're ready to go! our first
stop? paris!

talk to you soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hilarious subway conversation (ie nerd alert!)

& then there was that one time husband was trying to hang a picture in our front room, but the frame fell & the glass broke. we cleaned all the glass up, but later on the way to the subway ben realized he still had a tiny shard of glass sticking in his foot. as he stopped to pick the glass out of his skin, this gem of a conversation happened:

your 7th favorite blogger: "you should leave the glass in your foot, & become an x-men or something!"
your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "...hmm. i'm not sure i would become an x-men if i left glass in my foot. how would that happen?"

[brief intermission as we swipe our metro cards & walk down the stairs towards the subway stop]

your 7th favorite blogger: "oh, you know, it would stay in there & grow until it took over your heart & then your whole body. & then you could control glass like how magneto controls metal!"

[brief intermission as we get into the subway car]

your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "i still don't know if that could make me have superpowers. usually 
something really crazy needs to happen for one to turn into a superhero, right? like a big chemical explosion, etc?"
your 7th favorite blogger: "but  what if the glass were radioactiveeh? EH???"

[the conversation continued in this vein until the 42nd street stop, at least, at which point it had taken this turn:]

your 7th favorite blogger: "OKAY. if you could control a substance like magneto controls metal, would you want to control WOOD..........or GLASS?"

your 7th favorite blogger's husband:

his eventual response?

your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "it would depend on where i was. if i was here in the city, i would want to control glass. if i was out in the country, i would want to control wood."

RIGHT, because ALL superheroes get to control the location & method of how they acquire their powers. :)

the end.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

frandtastic! part 2

& the adventures with the frandsens in nyc continue!
since i've last posted, one frandsen was once again whisked
away back to baltimore, the rest of us frandsens (can you 
believe that i'm a frandsen now too?? sometimes i forget
that's my new last name. sorry that is still happening, husb)
 whisked ourselves off to "shakespeare in the park"
to watch some free as you like it (seriously one of the best 
things to do in nyc. EVER. the wait in line is worth it!), & then 
we did some stuff that i actually took pictures of. some
of these pictures were from me creepily stalking the
frandsens to take some priceless candids...all right, all
right, i admit it. MOST of these pictures were taken when
was creepily sneaking the frandsens to get some candids:

brooklyn bridge! 

chinatown! one of my personal favorites:

cannolis in little italy:

little italy. have you ever seen anything greater?


an nyc natural!:

phew! even looking at these pictures makes me exhausted.
we've been doing so much; & i haven't even been out seeing
the sights as much as mama & eva. those two are on fire!
there won't be much left they haven't done once this trip is over.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

a frandtastic weekend.

this weekend we've been enjoying having ben's mom, sister,
& brother (christie, eva, & abe, respectively)
 in town to visit - & it's been great! visitors 
are always perfect because we go around doing all the fun 
tourist-y things that ben & i don't do too often otherwise.
these past few days have been filled with seeing as many of
the wondrous sites new york city has to offer as humanly 
possible: museums, cathedrals, islands, music concerts, 
ferry rides, times square, grand central station, &...subways.
the city comes absolutely alive in the summertime, & we
(along with millions of other new yorkers) absolutely love
taking full advantage of it!...even if it does reach 98 degrees. :)
& now, a few images from here & there of our adventures:

should i stay or should i van gogh at the moma:
 enjoying the excellent view (& almost too 
excellent sun) on governor's island:
for such a small place, governor's island has so many things to see:
 "castle williams": at various times throughout history acting
 as a military base, prison, & tourist attraction.
 off we go to the lincoln center to hear the new york phil-y:
the whole frandtastic crew (well, actually only 4/13ths 
of it, & that's not even including spouses or children):
 this fountain is seriously the most mesmerizing thing. by my last
count, think we stood there staring at it for a good 7 minutes or so. 
 for some reason i think we look exceptionally short in
this picture? maybe because abe took it & he's taller?
 an evening spent at the philharmonic listening to
 mozart is an evening well spent. it was so beautiful,
we could hardly stand it! well done, wolfgang. well done.
the big doors of this church we visited had all the 12 tribes 
of israel with their symbols. who knew benjamin's had the 
head of a pterodactyl, the body of a horse, the legs of a 
dog, & the tail of a beaver, & that at the end of the day, it's 
not only actually wolf but benjamin is the name of my 
husband?! coincidences all over the place!
 there she is! our view from governor's island:

a great weekend indeed! mom & sis frandsen are here for a few
more days, so stay tuned for some more adventures. in
other news...we head to europe this friday! how is it here
so fast? where does the time go? that's what i wanna know.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

celebrity crushes of the week: st. vincent & mandy.

this week's girl crush is the lady who walks that fine line between audrey
  hepburn and fiona apple (if such a line exists?) & does it so, so well. she's
annie clark, who's better known by her stage name st. vincent. st. vincent
is this mysterious & beautiful melodic genius machine who cranks
 out lovely, eerie-but-you-can't-put-your-finger-on-why type of music.
interested? i would recommend checking out "your lips are red,"
"marry me," or that one awesome time she teamed up with bon iver



3. [that orange background!]

this week's boy crush is mandy patinkin. "mandy?" you say? YES. mandy.
oh, that saucy mandy patinkin. we all know him as inigo montoya,
that spaniard of princess bride fame who burned the line "hello. my name is
inigo montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die" forever into
our princess bride-fan minds. but then i was watching yentl the
other day, & mandy was like a revelation! he was so good looking
in that movie! like a jewish mr. darcy. speaking of which, are those two lake
bathing scenes alike, or are they REALLY alike?! (but perhaps with
slightly less clothing in babs' version - apologies for the slight bum shot!)



feel the awkwardness!




so...yeah. mandy. kinda fell in love with him in yentl.
he did a great job. go watch that movie! & feel free
to forward through barbra's singing. i stuck with her
through most of the movie but broke in the last 30
minutes & kept the fast-forward pedal to the medal.

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