Monday, June 11, 2012

the 10k day.

last saturday i ran an all-women's 10k with some ladies from church.
it was a gorgeous morning (although maybe a little too early in my opinion,
but oh well :) & the weather was absolutely perfect for a good run. the
race went through central park, which is awesome because central park
is beautiful & one of THE best places to run in the city. 

we wore romney shirts as a little team, which was an adventure through highly 
politicized nyc, but it was fun. i guess this will instantly announce to you 
my political leanings, but there you have it. i hope we an all still be friends.

the very beginning of the race...

...& at the 5 mile mark...
(can you spot me in the picture below?
it's a little bit of a where's waldo.
as you can see, i was beyond happy to spot benjamin)...

...& after the race was finished:

our sweet little medals:

& our entire proud, happy team:

it was such a great time. it really is such a rush to run with a big group
of people in a race (in which you have to pay to run on free, public
streets, but whatever :) & the fact that it was all women made it even
more fun. way to go, ladies!

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