Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the beauties of higher education & huntsmen.

columbia university is full of secret, beautiful treasures.
ben & i turned a random corner around a random
building this afternoon & we had stumbled upon a garden,
black iron archways complete with open-y & close-y gates, 
& a church! seriously, this campus never gets old. we love it.

see the one random brick-less hole in the photo below?...kinda weird! 

in other news, ben & i saw snow white & the huntsman a few days
ago & ended up pleasantly surprised! it wasn't too bad at all.
kristen stewart as snow white is slightly more tolerable than kristen
stewart as bella what's-her-bucket, charlize theron worked it in
all her creepy evil-ness, & that huntsman!...eating those cadbury mini
eggs we've kept frozen in our freezer since easter didn't hurt at all,
either. not one bit. 

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