Friday, June 8, 2012

celebrity couple crush of the week: ginnifer & josh.

so you know those cuties snow & charming from abc's once upon a time?

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 ...did you know they're dating in real life?!

gosh. i love when co-stars date in real life, don't you?
...except perhaps maybe this time...i know it's been years now, 
but the jury is STILL kinda out for me on those two. i'm also not
 really a fan at all when it happened with these two either...
okay, on second thought, maybe most of the time i might NOT
like when co-stars start dating. but don't get me wrong: 
when it's ginnifer goodwin & josh dallas, i LOVE it.
they're so...well...charming.





ginnifer has TOTALLY got that quirky-girl thing working wonders
for her, & you know i'm ALLLL about a quirky girl landing the hottie!
 aren't they the cutest? on & off the screen.
a celebrity couple crush for sure.
way to go, you two.

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