Thursday, June 14, 2012

celebrity crushes of the week: gene & rooney.

time for another round of famous people crushes!
...i'm trying to make it, like, a real thing on the blog
 (see my last one here)...some of you might not really
take celebrities too seriously. which, trust me, i am
100% there with you. on the other hand, some of
you might not take this blog too seriously...i sure as heck
know that i don't!...which is why i wrote this blog post.

anyways, our male crush of the week is inspired by
the time i was watching singing in the rain a week
or so ago at my parent's house. maybe it was the fact
that i hadn't seen it in a few months (perhaps even a year?),
but right around the time i was watching them tear it up in 
"moses supposes" i suddenly thought to myself, "hey, this
gene kelly has really got it! i mean, he's great stuff!" even though
i've probably seen singin' in the rain a million times, it
was like i was blown away all over again. by the time he's
dancing through the rain in "singin' in the rain," it was like
i couldn't even take how great he was anymore. so!
gene kelly definitely made the male crush of the week list:




he sings, he dances (amazingly so!), he acts, he does it all!

i'm not sure how many people will agree with my female crush of
the week, but i'll go ahead & say it: it's rooney mara. she's just like
that girl in high school who was several years older than you, & you
were kind of terrified of her, but in awe of how cool she was at the 
same time. does that make sense? & she's just completely 
revolutionizing the idea of what "beautiful" is. she got a look & she
be not only sticking to it, she be OWNING it! (speaking of
owning, how about that name "rooney"? if she doesn't own
that name i don't know what she owns.)




ah, rooney. taking the whole creepy gothic too-cool-to-smile
thing to a whole new level, is she not?

so there you have it, folks! another week, another crush confession.
have a good night!

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