Saturday, June 16, 2012

a day at rockaway: take your saturday back!

today chad, michelle, ben & i rode the A all the way out to far
rockaway beach. that's right. a beach so close to new york
city?! surprise, surprise! the weather was gorgeous & the 
water felt great, salty, & perfect for frolicking in. it was
during this trip that i remembered how, when i was
little, i was the type of girl that would wander & collect 
pretty shells while humming to herself. so. discoveries
all over the place.

sunscreen & squishy faces:
 ooooooookay baywatch;
 this is when the wind started a-blowin' & a-blowin':

later on (after spending several hours brushing the sand off
our legs, toes, cell phones, towels, blankets, sunglasses &
books! - & is it just me, or when you're at the beach does
time go by REALLY FAST & suddenly it's, like, 6 pm 
& freezing?) we headed off to little italy for cannolis. best.
post-beach. choice. ever:

for months & months now, husband & i have both worked
 on saturdays & end up only being able to do fun stuff in the
evening. we got so used to working saturdays it's like we
forgot they even existed. now that it's summer, we don't
work as many saturdays & our lives are completely
revolutionized! it's a new awakening! we forgot how great
it feels to have a saturday! so. hope your saturday was amazing!

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