Tuesday, June 26, 2012

frandtastic! part 2

& the adventures with the frandsens in nyc continue!
since i've last posted, one frandsen was once again whisked
away back to baltimore, the rest of us frandsens (can you 
believe that i'm a frandsen now too?? sometimes i forget
that's my new last name. sorry that is still happening, husb)
 whisked ourselves off to "shakespeare in the park"
to watch some free as you like it (seriously one of the best 
things to do in nyc. EVER. the wait in line is worth it!), & then 
we did some stuff that i actually took pictures of. some
of these pictures were from me creepily stalking the
frandsens to take some priceless candids...all right, all
right, i admit it. MOST of these pictures were taken when
was creepily sneaking the frandsens to get some candids:

brooklyn bridge! 

chinatown! one of my personal favorites:

cannolis in little italy:

little italy. have you ever seen anything greater?


an nyc natural!:

phew! even looking at these pictures makes me exhausted.
we've been doing so much; & i haven't even been out seeing
the sights as much as mama & eva. those two are on fire!
there won't be much left they haven't done once this trip is over.


  1. NYC sights are exhausting!! the feet hurt like crazy and no matter the shoes you wear. BUT no matter how painful so worth it...I WANT TO COME!! it's GOING to happen!!! start blowing up a mattress for your special guest FIONA haha ;)

  2. yes come!!! we've got an air mattress waiting. we'll walk & walk until our feet kill :)



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