Sunday, June 24, 2012

a frandtastic weekend.

this weekend we've been enjoying having ben's mom, sister,
& brother (christie, eva, & abe, respectively)
 in town to visit - & it's been great! visitors 
are always perfect because we go around doing all the fun 
tourist-y things that ben & i don't do too often otherwise.
these past few days have been filled with seeing as many of
the wondrous sites new york city has to offer as humanly 
possible: museums, cathedrals, islands, music concerts, 
ferry rides, times square, grand central station, &...subways.
the city comes absolutely alive in the summertime, & we
(along with millions of other new yorkers) absolutely love
taking full advantage of it!...even if it does reach 98 degrees. :)
& now, a few images from here & there of our adventures:

should i stay or should i van gogh at the moma:
 enjoying the excellent view (& almost too 
excellent sun) on governor's island:
for such a small place, governor's island has so many things to see:
 "castle williams": at various times throughout history acting
 as a military base, prison, & tourist attraction.
 off we go to the lincoln center to hear the new york phil-y:
the whole frandtastic crew (well, actually only 4/13ths 
of it, & that's not even including spouses or children):
 this fountain is seriously the most mesmerizing thing. by my last
count, think we stood there staring at it for a good 7 minutes or so. 
 for some reason i think we look exceptionally short in
this picture? maybe because abe took it & he's taller?
 an evening spent at the philharmonic listening to
 mozart is an evening well spent. it was so beautiful,
we could hardly stand it! well done, wolfgang. well done.
the big doors of this church we visited had all the 12 tribes 
of israel with their symbols. who knew benjamin's had the 
head of a pterodactyl, the body of a horse, the legs of a 
dog, & the tail of a beaver, & that at the end of the day, it's 
not only actually wolf but benjamin is the name of my 
husband?! coincidences all over the place!
 there she is! our view from governor's island:

a great weekend indeed! mom & sis frandsen are here for a few
more days, so stay tuned for some more adventures. in
other news...we head to europe this friday! how is it here
so fast? where does the time go? that's what i wanna know.


  1. what an awesome weekend and beautiful weather! if we can ever find time to make a trip to nyc, will you be our tour guide? ha! have a great week!

  2. husband & i most certainly can be tour guides! it's one of our favorite things to do :)



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