Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hilarious subway conversation (ie nerd alert!)

& then there was that one time husband was trying to hang a picture in our front room, but the frame fell & the glass broke. we cleaned all the glass up, but later on the way to the subway ben realized he still had a tiny shard of glass sticking in his foot. as he stopped to pick the glass out of his skin, this gem of a conversation happened:

your 7th favorite blogger: "you should leave the glass in your foot, & become an x-men or something!"
your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "...hmm. i'm not sure i would become an x-men if i left glass in my foot. how would that happen?"

[brief intermission as we swipe our metro cards & walk down the stairs towards the subway stop]

your 7th favorite blogger: "oh, you know, it would stay in there & grow until it took over your heart & then your whole body. & then you could control glass like how magneto controls metal!"

[brief intermission as we get into the subway car]

your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "i still don't know if that could make me have superpowers. usually 
something really crazy needs to happen for one to turn into a superhero, right? like a big chemical explosion, etc?"
your 7th favorite blogger: "but  what if the glass were radioactiveeh? EH???"

[the conversation continued in this vein until the 42nd street stop, at least, at which point it had taken this turn:]

your 7th favorite blogger: "OKAY. if you could control a substance like magneto controls metal, would you want to control WOOD..........or GLASS?"

your 7th favorite blogger's husband:

his eventual response?

your 7th favorite blogger's husband: "it would depend on where i was. if i was here in the city, i would want to control glass. if i was out in the country, i would want to control wood."

RIGHT, because ALL superheroes get to control the location & method of how they acquire their powers. :)

the end.

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