Sunday, June 3, 2012

jeff & reesa & marriage.

on friday our dear friend jeff (he's practically a brother!) married
reesa in the seattle temple. they are such a darling couple & i'm so
glad i was able to be here for all the festivity. it's so fun to be at a
wedding around a couple so new & so fresh, don't you agree? it
made me miss my currently-in-canada husband something fierce.

i could NOT get over how lovely reesa's dress was. she had it made,
which is a really awesome way to go, i think, & it was all about
simple, clean lines with little feminine details. it was perfect!


groom shoes:

those buttons! that bow!:


peony bouquet:

happy #2:

comparing heights:

a few fellow guests (look at mom with that fiery red hair!):

their colors were blue & gray. see all those sweet
little girls in front with their dresses?:


hanging out when they didn't want to take pictures of us:

smoochy smooch:

on the phone when they didn't want pictures of us:

bride & groom with the little ones. those bow ties!:

baby on the right is NOT happy:

this is when it started to rain:

jeff designed reesa's ring himself!:

pictures in the rain:

waiting under the tree while it rained. seattle weather!
(& doesn't jared totally look like a beatle?
a young george harrison perhaps?):

aaaaaaaaaand matching:

congratulations again to jeff & reesa! you did it.


  1. love all the little details that make a wedding so personal.

  2. her dress (and those buttons and bow tie) are the best! love the yellow on you!



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