Monday, June 18, 2012

our sunday.

what a glorious day! wasn't today a glorious day? & father's day to boot.

this afternoon we gathered with good friends for a father's day picnic
in central park. the sun was a-shining, picnic blankets abounded, the food
was money, & the babies were out in full swing! we brought a watermelon-
feta-mint salad. we felt pretty happy about it, but towards the end of the 
day the watermelon kinda started to melt & the whole thing ended up a 
bit soupy. fast forward to us walking home brainstorming ways to avoid such 
a thing happening at future picnics. live & learn, my friends. live & learn.

see if you can't spot our watermelon soup salad!
THESE CAKES, am i right? i'm gaining five pounds just looking 
at them. but those five pounds are so worth it.
i couldn't get enough of this beautiful quilt...
that we sat on because we forgot our own. oops!
oh yeah, & on the walk home, this was when ben shot across the 
street (somewhat dangerously, i might add!) in front of some cars.
i didn't get the memo, so we ended up kind of staring awkwardly
at each other from across the street until the cars all passed. :)

hope your sunday was a dream!



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