Wednesday, June 6, 2012

prom for the little bro.

it just so happened that when i was in washington
this last weekend, little brother eli's prom happened at
the same time. us older children haven't been home for
a ton of eli's milestones lately, so it was great to be there
for such a hallowed day. see below for all the madness!

the putting on of the flowers:


oh man. mom taking pictures. always hilarious:

it's like i still completely remember him as my little
brother, but i can't hardly picture that little boy in 
my mind anymore because he's been smashed 
out of the picture by this HUGE...TALL...guy!!

the kissing picture:

aaaaaand the reaction to the kissing picture:

ah, prom. i wouldn't necessarily rewind my life to do
 that whole episode all over again, but i suppose it's fun 
to watch the spectacle when other people go through 
it themselves. raise your hand if you agree. :)

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha, so im guessing your mom wasn't fond of the kissy picture! so funny!



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