Tuesday, June 19, 2012

taste of times square.

last week husband & i braved the crowds to meet up with friends
for taste of times square & WOW did we have a good time. here's
how it works: lots & lots of restaurants set up tents in times square
& a few side streets serving one or two signature dishes from their 
place. we, as lucky consumers, buy tickets & spend these tickets 
at various tents to get a seriously awesome amount of samples. 
see below for some pictures as we tasted times square!:

our tickets: 
we had to pay five tickets for this bad boy, but 
man oh man, were we SO glad we did: 
 this bruschetta was also absolutely to die for. 
swear that bread was two inches thick!:
 don't let her bored gaze fool you. this little lady loved every minute of taste of times square :)

 benny boy loved him some food...
 ...& i'll admit i did too. especially when it 
was juniors cheesecake with blackberry
for only two tickets!
 & our ride home with the baby brigade:

& the best part of taste of times square?
it happens every year!

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