Monday, July 30, 2012

celebrity crush of the week: the baldwins.

oh, those baldwin brothers. something was in the water at their house growing up.
i read a book once where the main girl & her friend would call good looking guys
a "baldwin." as in, "the guy who sits behind me in 5th period is such a baldwin,"
"forget ryan lochte, his name should be ryan baldwin!" or, in the case of
someone like me, hee hee, "i married quite the baldwin!" let's all set a blog goal
to bring that saying back, shall we? & do some research in the meantime:

there's the youngest, stephen:

image found here.

image found here.

& his older brother, william, or "billy":

image found here.

image found here.

image found here.

let's not forget daniel:

image found here.

image found here.

& of course last but not least, the oldest of the bunch
alec, who also just so happens to play probably my 
favorite character of any tv show ever. thanks for that, alec:

image found here.

image found here.

image found here.

do you see what i'm talking about?! four brothers. all good looking
(at one time or another in their lives). all actors. sure, a few of them 
are a bit, uh, rascal-y in their own right, but to make up for that a 
little bit, let's all look at one last photo of 
now go out & find yourself a baldwin! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

a goodbye sunday.

how does anyone ever get anything done during the olympics? they are on ALL DAY LONG. :) 

in other news, this little husband of mine is still staying
busy with his physics work. love that face of his.

the end.
hope you had a great sunday!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


my current reading:
 this lady's hat! i mean, look at that thing! #respect:
 our dumb & dumber party on top of a roof. being on top of
a roof in new york city is like entering into an entirely new world,
& i love whenever it happens. i wish i could live on a rooftop:

 yep, a rooftop-viewing of dumb & dumber 
on a warm night in the city. we were living the dream: 
 aaaaaaand the hot pink shorts that make me
feel a bit like a grandma...but i love my grandmas,
so i guess it's okay? other news, how about those olympics?! i mean, right?

party at the hurricane club.

yesterday was our good friend michelle's birthday, & to celebrate
a few of us headed down to the flatiron district to grab a bite to eat
at the oh-so-chic hurricane club, a club which actually has a really
interesting origin story. what a venue! ben & i felt like such late
20's-type young professionals making a couple hundred thousand a
year when we were there. & let me tell you, it didn't feel bad.

some of our food:

leftover drink at the table next to ours
with a watermelon for a cup!
...too bad it's about 85% vodka.
that would've been fun.
sparkling birthday cake...
 & lychee ice cream.

 the hurricane club kept all its windows completely covered
up from the outside. it all added to the aura, you know :)
 & a few of us on our train ride 1
am! we're getting too old to stay up too late!

thanks for having a birthday, michelle!
so we could party at hurricane club.
...same time next year? :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

project runway.

are you watching project runway?
another season is in full bloom!
(don't worry, there have only been two episodes so far -
PLENTY of time for you to catch up!)

this last episode, the designers had to make outfits
out of candy from dylan's candy bar here in nyc.

i don't know about you, but i loved
ven's dress made out of rock candy
& licorice. so, so pretty.


i also loved the dress below. aren't the colors great? that 
little bib part is made out of gummy sharks!


images via

you can watch full episodes HERE.

make it work!


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