Sunday, July 15, 2012

celebrity crushes of the week: european invasion!

so i haven't done weekly celebrity crushes for a few weeks now,
& for that i apologize. we've just been a little busy lately! but 
now they're back again for good (hopefully)...& this week?
the europeans are invading!

this week's girl crush is audrey tautou, & boy oh boy is she french.
you'll recognize her from the da vinci code movie made stateside,
 but also the perfection that is the movie amelie. she was also in
the movie coco before chanel, about the early life of coco 
chanel, which was also very good & she was so cute.

isn't she just darling?

this week's male crush is a frenchman (frenchperson?) as well.
he's emmanuel moire, a french singer/songwriter, BUT even more
importantly than that, he played louis XIV, the sun king, in
le roi soleil, a french musical that debuted in - where else? - paris. i don't
really know the full story behind the making of the video below, but apparently 
they made a little music video out of one of the songs from le roi soleil
& it is seriously just SO GOOD, in that kind of dreamy, french teenager/
music video kind of way. so fun. (many thanks, of course, to jamie for
 introducing it to me in the first place way back in the day!) it kinda 
captures exactly what you'd think the sun king would have actually 
been like...low necklines & all (sorry about those parts, everyone!).
but be warned! after watching this, you might just have a 
renewed interest in louis the fourteenth :) anyways, enjoy, if you'd like:

arrivederci for now!

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