Sunday, July 1, 2012

paris post: don't trifle with the eiffel.

...i was going to title this post "don't trifle with madame la
guillotine," but it didn't have that same snappy rhyme to it.

well folks, here we are! one long, entirely sleepless plane 
ride, a few subway stops, & lots of lugging around bags
later, we have made it to paris & love it. paris is really,
really similar to new york city, & therefore its been a
breeze figuring out the subways, how to handle the guys 
who walk really close up to you to trying to sell some junk,
of course the endless, endless crowds. but i'm as happy
as a clam, a CLAM i tell you, wandering this town with
my numero uno travel buddy, making memories together.

one of our first stops was the tour eiffel, which is gorgeous.
gorgeous! & so much taller than either one of us thought
it would be. it stands right on the seine & looks just as
pretty as it did the day it was built, i'm sure. looking at it
was so unreal, i kept telling ben i still can hardly believe
we're actually here, you know?

those green boxes in the corner
 are soooo romantic, i know:

then we crossed the river for a different view across le bridge:

 something about paris at sun down in full view of 
the eiffel tower made me feel all twirly & dancy:

& ben was twirling & dancing inside, i just know it:

 after walking in circles around the tower, we parked our
cabooses at the parc du champ de mars as the sun went 
down. the parc was CROW.DED. but comfortable, & so
european-feeling with everyone sitting about. the perfect
way to end our day. au revoir!

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