Wednesday, July 18, 2012

erice post #1.

party time in rome came to a close as ben's next physics conference approached. while i won't go into all the gory details (a 12 hour train ride from rome to palermo, & then a 2 hour bus ride after that? eek!), we finally made it to erice, where ben's superconductivity conference was. erice (pronounced "air-ee chay," but more italian sounding) completely blew us away with its beauty. 

this little spot of the world is almost 100% untouched by modernity. in erice, it feels like you're stepping back in time - to the 1300s. erice is tucked up on a mountain - yes, a MOUNTAIN - & i thought we were going to die on the way up there, what with the huge lumbering bus trying its hardest to drive up at least 15 turn-on-a-dime switchbacks. the higher the bus went up the mountain, the farther back in time we went, & the more i thought "on one of these switchbacks, this bus is SERIOUSLY just going to topple over the edge." 

but we made it safe & sound, & i'm overjoyed that the bus ended up NOT killing us & we have lived to tell the tale of the beauties of erice. here was the view from the mountaintop, for starters:

...& that's all i have for tonight. sorry, guys, gotta head to bed to wake up on time for our plane ride tomorrow. what's that, you say? yep, our plane ride! contrary to popular opinion, we didn't actually MOVE to europe. the frandsens are a-comin' back to america! talk to you soon!

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