Tuesday, July 24, 2012

erice post #2: ye olde castles.

& here you thought we were finally ALL DONE with those millions of europe travel posts! well don't think that too soon my friends. we here at you? me. me? you. still have a few loose ends to tie up, blogging-about-europe wise.

remember how i was saying that erice was like a medieval city-upon-a-hill? here is one more reason why: it has CASTLES. & not just any castles, mind you. these castles are completely organic-feeling & so old you feel like they'll crumble at any second. they jut right out of the cliffs & crags & provide some of the most breathtaking views i've ever seen anywhere. & since the castles are just so dang high up there on the mountain, everything is completely silent, distant, & still as you look down into the valley & the mediterranean. the castles are way up at the highest point of erice, & every day i'd jog up there to enjoy the view & the silence. fortunately one day i remembered to bring the camera! enjoy:

these castles date back to around the 10th - 13th centures! can you believe it?

below is one of my favorite pictures. it's like the castle is part of the cliff!

according to legend, aeneas (from the aeneid mythological founder of ancient rome) built this castle.

check out those treacherous switchbacks!

read more about erice, that mystical mountain land of ancient castles & magical physics conferences, HERE.

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