Wednesday, July 25, 2012

erice post #3: on the streets of erice.

one of my favorite things to do in erice was wander in & out & through the cobblestone streets, getting good & lost...which ended up always being totally fine, because you never really can get lost in erice, seeing as how they are about, oh, fifteen streets that make up the entire little town. it's seriously so small. despite it's small-ness, the narrow streets of erice are just blossoming with activity.  

the "main street" of erice: 

 oh man. gotta love italian names:

 erice has so many little twists & turns. like these cute mysterious stairs:

 okay, so i'm a bit of a creeper & snapped a picture of someone's courtyard. but can you blame me?!

 typical buildings on a small side street:

the streets of erice are narrow. whenever cars would come down, peoplehad to pretty much flatten themselves against the walls on either side because the cars filled up the entire street. & these are super teensy european cars, too!

 stores in erice sell amazing artwork. glass & ceramic works were all over the place... were these bright knits.

  ben's six-day conference was held in this monastery...i know, right?!

 i loved getting lost in these quiet little bends in the road.

 & of course the highlight of my days was meeting up with this guy after his meetings. so dreamy. (plus, don't you love his nametag? hilarious.)

 we loved this little cave-like opening we had to walk through to get to our restaurant.

we actually had to be pretty careful on these streets. the stone was so worn down after years & years of being walked on that they were incredibly slick. there was lots of slipping & sliding over them.

erice. beautiful!

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