Wednesday, July 25, 2012

food in europe.

ben & i keep things pretty spartan most of the time when we travel. "budget-friendly" hotels, crackers & bread for dinner, that sort of thing. & we're both pretty okay with it. however, during this trip in europe recently we did manage to loosen up just a bit when it came to our food choices. here are some of the things we were loving:

magnum bars in paris:

the most delicious falafel ever (that ben's brother, who is serving a church mission right now in paris, recommended to us!) in paris:

& a crepe with nutella & strawberries for dessert:

mcflurries in versailles (i know, i know! but it was so hot & we were desperate!)

the most delicious & inexpensive pizza ever in venice:

gelato in venice. see that big green scoop? that was sour green apple & we fell in love with it. we still talk about that flavor, weeks later.

gelato in rome. we found this place that gave huge, HUGE scoops (see the picture below) for only 3 euro! we went there so often the girls started recognizing us, but that never stopped them from laughing at how bad our italian was.

gelato & cannoli in erice.

one of our favorite restaurants in erice. thick, large, right-out-of-the-oven pizza.

...yeah. we always got really excited about this pizza.

more cannoli in erice. you guys, i was OBSESSED with the cannoli in erice. have you ever had it before? thick, cold, creamy ricotta-based frosting filling in a waffle cone-esque taco like thing with powdered sugar on top. we found the most delightful bakery that made the best cannoli i've ever had. let's just say we miiiight be taking more trips down to little italy here in nyc so we can get our cannoli fix.

gelato in rome.

looking at these pictures now, i'm kicking myself that we never snapped any pictures of our pasta dishes. you guys. when in italy, buy the pasta! it really is better there than anywhere else in the world. fat, hearty, hand-made pasta. the best. i'm sad we never got any pictures of that. oh well. have a great day!


  1. so hungry food, so hungry for europe.

  2. the cannoli in italy is seriously the best. i miss it just thinking about it!

  3. i'm SO glad to hear you have hopped on the cannoli train. maybe when you come to boston to visit me i will take you to mike's pastry and you can go wild over their 30 different kinds of cannoli! (but who am i kidding, plain ricotta is always the best)

  4. Oh I've TOTALLY hopped on the cannoli train. we really want to come to boston. ben's sis & her husband are moving there soon so we're planning a trip. when we're there, let's get some cannoli!



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