Monday, July 9, 2012

{in other news}

i found a few wonderful spots around the internets this week that i couldn't help but share.

1. have you seen wes anderson's new movie moonrise kingdomif not, then you should seriously & completely consider going to see it. you'll be SO glad you did. husband & i kinda fell in love. need further convincing? look no further than the trailer below:

one of the things i love most about wes is his attention to detail. the sets are lush & always, ALWAYS pitch perfect. the costumes are also stellar. did you notice the collars & berets of the main little girl? again, perfect. 

2. so, speaking of wes anderson, he sometimes dabbles in commercial-making. as in, commercial advertisements you see on television. &, with what we know of wes anderson, i think it's safe for you to assume that these commercials are greater than some movies, even. please direct your attention HERE for a list of 10 great wes anderson-directed commercials. the best of the best (i think the first one with brad pitt might be my favorite...or the ikea one. although not much beats the classic american express one). 

3. loved this new yorker article about "newsies." kill the competition! sell the next edition!


  1. Did you see the animations he made for the (fake) books Suzy reads in the movie? Brilliant!

  2. whoa. i loved these! that wes anderson never stops. so cool!



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