Sunday, July 8, 2012

paris post: cruise on the seine & musée d'orsay.

on our second to last night in paris, ben's physics conference
organizers experienced a lapse in their normally really intense
selves (7 am meetings, people?! it's like you're all trying to prove
to each other how tough you are by needing so little sleep!) &
treated all the conference-goers to a dinner cruise down the seine.
& can you say benny took fulllll advantage & brought a plus one?!

{that 'plus one' being your 7th favorite blogger herself}:

(did you know that there's a teensy version of lady
liberty in paris? apparently most of the physicists
cruising with us didn't know that, because they 
went simply gaga taking zillions of pictures of it.)

did you also know that not only does the eiffel tower
illuminate itself all fancy when it gets dark, but that for
the first five minutes of every hour on the hour it sparkles
like mad? i'm so glad we got to see it, it was beautiful.
(click HERE to see some youtube-age of what happens!)

{p.s. crowded rides home on the paris subway next to
deoderant wearing-less passengers are made much better
when sitting across from a certain scientist dreamboat}

thank you, physics conference organizers, for 
treating us all to dinner & a cruise! it makes the
7 am conferences ben has to go to somewhat
more bearable.


the next morning, while husband rushed off to his final day
of rubbing shoulders with frenchy scientists, i rushed off to
the musée d'orsay to rub shoulders with the likes of monet,
manet, rodin, renoir, delacroix, van gogh, cézanne, & other
 greats. i was REALLY bummed because we weren't allowed
 to take pictures in the musée, but i confess i did sneak a few 
snapshots of the actual interior itself. did you know the d'orsay 
used to be a train station & was converted to an art museum in 
1986? did you also know that this museum houses the largest 
collection of impressionist & post-impressionist paintings 
in the world? & did you further know that i studied french
impressionism for my senior capstone course for my
humanities minor? the connections are endless, just endless!

i would have loved to have spent even more time in the museum
but alas, we had to rush off to catch our overnight train that would
take us from paris to venice. the nice thing about paris is that i left
it wanting to do & see even more than i did. i suppose that's a good
sign. we already have a list of things we want to do when we go back
that we didn't get to this time. for now, though...on to italy!

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