Sunday, July 8, 2012

paris post: frandsens on the frand-seine.

we sure fell in love with the seine. this river cuts straight
through paris, dividing it into the left bank & right bank.
someone once called the seine "a pretty blonde with
laughing eyes," & it feels totally true. the seine is a calm,
welcoming river, & everywhere you go along it people
are basking in the sun, eating, reading, playing guitar, or
dipping their feet in the water. we loved taking walks
along the seine as the sun went down, talking about
things like the history of paris, which is as erratic, moody, &
all-over-the-place as any of the character storylines on "glee".

 i think i was trying to pretend to swim in the seine in this picture? who knows:
 forgot to mention that there was lots of people fishing as well!

& thus were the frandsens walking along the frand-seine.
& so it shall be, forever.

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