Tuesday, July 3, 2012

paris post: i louvre you! part 1.

ahh, the louvre. the louvre! the place i've been dreaming about
& hoping to go to from even before my humanities 101 days as
a wee college freshman frantically memorizing rreeaaallly long 
names of painters & sculptors (maybe it's just me, but i believe 
everybody should take at least one humanities class sometime 
in their college career. those classes are life-changing!). where
to begin?...well, how about we start with this picture of ben below? he
really does NOT like posing for pictures other than just flashing
one of his award-winning smiles, so the fact that we got this pose
out of him REALLY says something. it must have been all 
that magical louvre dust - it finally settled on him & worked its wonders.

me on the other hand...you can't STOP me from poses like this!
 the glass pyramid was designed by i.m. pei (a chinese-american!
woo-hoo!) & added to the main courtyard in 1989. it was something
of a controversy when it was first built - that a non-french person
designed it, that it looked too modern for the centuries-old grandeur
of the buildings around it - but methinks i love it. what do you think?
 a hilarious photo swap. this guy took a picture of us...
 ...& we (that is, BEN) took a picture of them.
notice his really european hair all up in a bun!
sunlight on the pyramid refracted reflected made
all SORTS of amazing light designs on the building
next to it. yet another reason to love the triangle!
 here's a far-away picture that gives a better idea
of the louvre's overall layout.
stay tuned for when we go - wait for it - INSIDE
the museum! who knew there was more to an art
museum than just the outside, am i right?!? :)

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