Tuesday, July 3, 2012

paris post: i louvre you! part 2.

i trekked out to the louvre myself while husband was
off gallivanting for physics, & it turned out to be the
best decision ever. there's really something to being by
yourself while viewing art. a day in the louvre was just
what i needed...& it really turned out to be just that! i
think i ended up clocking in about 8 hours...& i 
think i didn't even see HALF of what the louvre had to
offer. can you believe how huge that place is?

winged victory of samothrace, sculptor unknown.
don't you just love how there's something mysterious
about her?...OH WAIT, maybe that's because she's
missing her arms & head. how silly of me! :)
a simply gorgeous piece. this one is tall, really tall, & powerful.
 oh. OH. & then there was this homegirl. i knew going into it
that this painting was surprisingly small, but then she turned out
being surprisingly bigger than i thought she was going to be.
la giocanda or mona lisa by leonardo da vinci. according to wikipedia, 
this painting is
 "the best known, the most visited, the most 
written about,  the most sung about, the most 
parodied work of art in the world"
 & my oh my does she have quite the following:
 & quite the protection! there were two guards standing
there who didn't even make it into the shot. the da vinci
 code taught me that she's sitting behind bullet-proof glass:
 the louvre is HUGE. huge hallways, tall ceilings,
huge paintings...i could go on & on, & i'm sorry 
that these pictures don't really do it any justice!
 the coronation of napoleon, jacques-louis david
 remember the sobbin' women of seven brides for seven brothers?
well, this is them on canvas!...minus the great looking second-oldest 
brother benjamin. remember the orange-shirted one in the 
movie? i can't be the only person who thought he was 
the best looking one! frank was also pretty great, he was quite
the spitfire, always getting into fights & such. 
gideon, the youngest, was also cute too. oh...
wait...what were we talking about?!? ah yes, this painting! :)
the intervention of the sabine women, jacques-louis david.
 another example of the huge-ness that is the inside of the louvre.
aphrodite of milos or venus de milo.
you been workin' on those abs, girl?
 psyche revived by cupid's kiss, antonio canova.
feel the passion! 
phew! what a day. & at 10 euro a ticket! talk
about guilt-free art viewing. love the louvre. the end. 

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  1. awesome! we went to a few art museums during our trip to spain 2 years ago....so amazing!!



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