Monday, July 2, 2012

paris post: notre dame cathedral - inside & out.

say & think what you want about european cathedrals, but
as for husband & i, we never, ever get tired of seeing them. 
if you've seen one you HAVEN'T seen them all, we say!
especially if they're the notre dame de paris. no other 
building is quite as associated with the history of paris 
as this one. did you know the first stone was laid in 1163? 
1163! & then  it was finished in 1330...that's roughly 170
 years of long, hard toil for this beaut. it saw its years of
being ransacked, ignored, converted into a cathedral
for "the cult of reason" & playing a main part in what
husand & i agree has GOT to be one of the saddest & most
disturbing disney movies EVER to be made (song of the 
south includedbut it finally won out in the end:
notre dame is now one of the largest & most easily
recognized cathedrals in the world. not to mention  
it lived to see the day husband & i stuck our sweaty 
faces all up in its grill for some touristy pictures. 
okay. history lesson over!

 pictures really don't do this cathedral justice. it
is absolutely thrilling & gigantic up close...although
husband & i agreed the disney movie made it seem
much bigger...yet another reason why that movie
should not have been made! 
 see? see the cathedral? you totally would have missed
it if i hadn't helped you out by pointing to it!
later, as husband was off at his physics conference,
i went back to notre dame for a {free!} look around
the inside...& ended up staying about an hour. i just
can't help but marvel in the grandeur of it all. the stained
glass! the cracked ceiling! the colors! the incense! the
whole gothic-eerie-dark in a good way thing! how huge it is!
 so amazing. it feels like you're stepping back in time
hundreds & hundreds of years.
the old chandelier they once used:
notre dame: 100% recommend the place,
0% recommend the disney movie. 


  1. Creepiest villain award goes to that movie. So terrifying when he sings that hellfire song, the old perv!

  2. it is SO TRUE...we went back & watched that hellfire song on youtube after reading your comment, & were reminded again of how awful that song is! we can't believe they put that in a disney movie!



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