Wednesday, July 4, 2012

paris post: sacre-coeur.

yesterday i hiked up to sacre-coeur, a church dedicated to
the "sacred heart of Christ"...& it really was such a hike.
don't quote me on this, but i read somewhere that the top
of sacre-coeur is the second-highest point in paris, after the
eiffel tower. but let me assure you that the climb was SO 
worth it. you climb & climb these stairs amid trees & streets,
& suddenly you turn a corner & this white dome beauty
is suddenly right in front of your eyes. isn't it gorgeous?!
{note: sorry some of these pictures are suuuper blurry. the
internet at our hotel here is so spotty, it's making the pictures
kind of freak out a little bit.}

look at how the light comes in through these windows up top!
& that really intense mosaic up front. i really wish i could
have gone up closer, but this was as close as i could get. 

another view up in that dome,
for obvious reasons.

since the sacre-coeur is so high up, the front of it offers
a stunning view of paree. here are some hilarious attempts
at me trying to take a picture of said views. try # 1: no
sunglasses & suddenly turning STRAIGHT into the sun
& struuuugling:
try #2: with sunglasses, yet the view is not much better. oh well!

this place was one of the best. really. yay for sacre-coeur!


  1. All of the buildings are so beautiful, I love all the pics! It looks like you guys are having so much fun! Luckyyyy! A potential post title: Fancy France-y??? :D Hooray for Europe!

  2. hey thanks! yeah we're having a blast. plus crazy traveling stories too. oh my gosh. fancy france-y is great! i still have a few more france posts to do so i'll have to use that one! we're in venice now, & i feel like that is going to be a little harder to think up good titles for...!

  3. such gorgeous photos! and i'm pretty sure i have those same sunglasses :) looks like sooooooooooooo much fun!

  4. Oh wow such gorgeous gorgeous pictures! I'm so jealous.

    Hope you stop by my blog and check out my giveaway! :)

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