Friday, July 6, 2012

paris post: sainte-chapelle.

you guys, i SWEAR i'm almost done posting about paris.
we're not even in paris anymore, & yet i'm behind on these
posts & trying to catch up before i move on to anything else.
so. just a few more & then we can all move on from paree.
but NOT before i share with you what was probably my most
favorite sight in paris: the sainte-chapelle.

this little place was kind of hidden behind a justice building
across from notre-dame, so it's sometimes easy to miss, &
i wasn't really sure at all what it was going to be like. but i
am SO glad i waited in that line & paid those 5 euros, because
the sainte-chapelle was 100% worth it. three entire walls
are filled with floor-to-ceiling stained glass, much more stained
glass than i've seen anywhere else. i went at the perfectly
right time of day, when the sunlight was streaming through
the windows & the entire room was blazing with colored light.
it was breathtaking & felt so, so unreal. how could any
building be this beautiful? it felt like a fairy tale! even after
staying in there for what felt like forever, it was so impossible
to leave because right as i would go through the exit door i'd
think, "wait, i'll just stay a little longer!" & then i'd do the same
thing ten minutes later. check out the pictures & {hopefully}
you'll see what i mean! 

everything is SO, SO colorful. it's amazing how
well the color has stayed after hundreds of years.
like these columns & wall designs...
 ...& the floors:
 i feel somehow different after seeing the sainte-chapelle, &
i mean that in a good way. i also i felt like i had 
a really hard time trying to capture the full beauty of this
place, but noticed that the wikipedia page has a pretty nice picture
that does a better job, perhaps, than my sweet little point-&-shoot
(we debated whether or not to bring our big honking DSLR camera
with us...but decided against it. neither one of us felt like
lugging that huge thing across half of europe. maybe next time!)

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