Friday, July 6, 2012

paris post: shakespeare & co.

those who know me know that i LOVE me some bookstores.
i sniff them out like dogs sniff out drugs bones or like steve carell
sniffs out pretty dang awesome movie roles. so when i caught
wind of an especially fantastic & quirky hole-in-the-wall-ish
type bookstore in paris, i was there quicker than you can say
"dan in real life." what bookstore was this, you might ask?
none other than shakespeare & co! behold:

 the books lining the stairs!
 the lighting!
 the cathedral-esque windows!

 this old leather chair!

 le chessboard!

 the wall down the stairs with illustrations of authors!
 the crickety old stairs! 
 the books spilling haphazardly all over each other!

i loved this place so much i brought benjamin back
to it after we met up later that evening. the crazy,
chaotic order of it all made me feel right at home.
i miss that place already. thanks shakespeare & co! 

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