Saturday, July 7, 2012

paris post: versailles on the 4th of july.

how did we spend our 4th of july, you might ask?
why, going to versailles, of course! this golden palace
about 30 minutes outside of paris was the crowning
glory of that saucy louis XIV, & it has lost NONE of
its brilliance since, in my opinion. check out the golden-ness!

we set out for versailles
expecting a great palace & a few grounds to explore, quick
& simple. what we were NOT prepared for, however, was
how absolutely MASSIVE versailles actually is. of course,
the day we were there was the hottest day paris had been so
far, so instead of a nice royal jaunt around the grounds, we
kind of ended up hiking & sweating all over the place, but
loving it just the same, even if it WAS so big we were hardly
able to see everything there is to see! just IMAGINE the care
& time it takes to get these puppies looking just right:

the orangerie, ie where they would keep exotic fruits in the winter:

there is an endless supply of ornate fountains (the one in the
picture below has frogs, turtles, & lizards in the very bottom
row! can you spot them?) & statues as far as the eye can see.
it really was so overwhelming trying to take in everything
versailles has to offer. there is just too much! dang you louis XIV!


we sat for a while at the fountain of neptune eating lunch,
feeding the ugly fish, trying to cool off, & teaching/practicing
with husband the words to this song.

see what i mean? versailles
goes on foreeeevvveerrrr...

...& forrrreevverrr....
(note this girl on the lawn
in the picture below is kind
of hilarious, as well)

...& forrevvveerr!

ah, versailles. you are just so, so wonderful. i can
see why the somewhat lazy & delusional french
monarchy of the 16 & 17 hundreds loved you so much!

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