Saturday, July 28, 2012

party at the hurricane club.

yesterday was our good friend michelle's birthday, & to celebrate
a few of us headed down to the flatiron district to grab a bite to eat
at the oh-so-chic hurricane club, a club which actually has a really
interesting origin story. what a venue! ben & i felt like such late
20's-type young professionals making a couple hundred thousand a
year when we were there. & let me tell you, it didn't feel bad.

some of our food:

leftover drink at the table next to ours
with a watermelon for a cup!
...too bad it's about 85% vodka.
that would've been fun.
sparkling birthday cake...
 & lychee ice cream.

 the hurricane club kept all its windows completely covered
up from the outside. it all added to the aura, you know :)
 & a few of us on our train ride 1
am! we're getting too old to stay up too late!

thanks for having a birthday, michelle!
so we could party at hurricane club.
...same time next year? :)

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