Monday, July 16, 2012

rome post: the pantheon.

the pantheon was built as a temple dedicated to all gods in 126 AD. it
remains one of the oldest & best-preserved buildings in all of rome! which,
i think, is saying something. look at the interesting shape of the building -
the columns & rectangular entryway opening into a cylindrical dome.

 in the center of the dome is a great big circle cut out of the ceiling, called an
oculus. the thing i love about the oculus is that there is no glass in there or
anything - it just opens straight out into the sky! cool, right? so if it rains
while you're in the pantheon, well, you'll get wet! the oculus is the only
opening in the entire building & offers the only light into the pantheon.
 we loved the strong circle of light the sun makes through the oculus.
kind of indiana jones-y, right?
 as you can imagine, the pantheon gets pretty crowded.
see the background of the picture below:
 aaaaaaand in conclusion, a few shots of the outside. so old looking!

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