Sunday, July 15, 2012

rome post: the ruins of old rome.

right across from the colosseum are the remains of the
roman forum (basically a city) & emperor's palace. it takes one
ticket swipe to get in, but once you're in, you can
basically just walk in & out & through most of these ruins. it's
exhilarating & eerie at the same time. once upon a time there
was a HUGE empire centered here, with a bustling, busy
city & SO MUCH going on. & now? well...see for yourself:

 {hee hee. see above picture for my attempts to keep a farmer's tan from plaguing
 husband too much. just a few rolls of the shirt sleeves should do the trick, right? :) }
 remember, us melting from the roman sun is still going on
(p.s. the background in the picture below used to be the
emperor's private garden. hopefully there was more shade
back then?)
 if you look closely, you can see st. peter's basilica through this archway:
 i'm telling you, man, you can just walk amongst these ruins
like it's your backyard. so surreal! i mean, some of these 
buildings are almost 2,000 years old. it really puts things into
perspective, you know? you kind of feel like a great big
insignificant nothing walking through these elegant ruins.
 oh man. this picture gets me every time. we were just dying from the heat but having so much fun:

temple of romulus: these bronze doors are the original ones from when this temple was
first built in the first century AD, & are the oldest surviving doors in the ENTIRE CITY. 
 one of my personal favorite ruins of the day in the background:


the ruins went on & on. we spent hours wandering among everything
& reading up to figure out what everything was. by the end of the day
i was as dusty & ruddy as a centurion, but you win some you lose some.

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