Monday, July 16, 2012

rome post: trevi fountain, & thoughts on poses.

the trevi fountain is quite the stunning sight to see.
the first thing to expect if you're going to see the
trevi fountain is that it is incredibly crowded & you
probably won't be able to find a seat for yourself. which
is okay. the fountain features nepture there in the very 
middle, & below him on both sides are men with horses,
which symbolizes the controlling of the the waters. legend
has it that if you toss a coin into the trevi fountain, you
will make a return trip to rome. an estimated 3000 euros
are tossed into the fountain every day! trevi fountain
underwent quite a bit of scrubbing & cleaning in 1998;
you'll notice it was a bit dirtier in this still from the joyous/
incredibly sad audrey hepturn/gregory peck movie roman holiday.

 also, something funny that i was noticing is how all over i am 
in pictures, posing-wise. let's just analyze a few of my priceless
poses, shall we?

there's the classic asian tourist "peace signs" that i always
 feel justified in doing because i actually lived in asia:


& then sometimes i just kind of stand there:

...or lounge there, really:

& then there's the uber-cheese "thumbs up" when i'm feeling desperate:

now let's take a look at how husband poses in pictures, shall we?:


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